DJ Cent (Facebook Account Photo)

By Morris Dogga

The Ugandan Fresh Boy-Fik Fameica show last weekend was overshadowed by a fight that broke out between an alleged group of Artists and the Langalanga Master-DJ Cent.

DJ Cent who was among the artists to perform said he was beaten allegedly by a group of artist just as he was about to get on stage before welcoming the Guest artist –Fik Fameica.

“I was to welcome Fik Fameica on stage, so I sat down near some of the artists. I was just chatting on my phone. Out of nowhere, somebody came and started slapping me,” he explained.

“When I raised up my head, I saw myself surrounded. I decided to change my position. Some people came and took me to another place. I started bleeding from my nose. My friends tried to inform the soldiers around to arrest the boys but they disappeared, so I was taken to a clinic,” he said.

ukwritingsHowever Promoter K2, the man behind the show disputed DJ. Cent’s claims saying that the Artist was not beaten as claimed but admitted he was slapped.

“The boys slapped DJ Cent and the other boy ran. He was very okay. I was the one who took him out of the Stadium. He left in front of me. He was okay,” K2 told Juba Monitor on Phone.

According to K2, DJ Cent was only slapped but he was not beaten.  He claimed DJ cent just wanted publicity.

However according to DJ Cent, the men who beat him up claimed he was bragging about his songs.

“They said my songs are played every day, people are requesting for my songs, why? That is the reason.The crowd was shouting that they want me on the stage, so they do not want me to perform,” he claims.

DJ Cent told Juba monitor that he was slowly recovering from injuries sustained during the scuffle.

“My head has no problem. It is only my hand that got some problems. For me, I don’t have any problem with anyone since I started my music carrier,” DJ Cent insisted.

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