It is indeed encouraging to learn that the Ministry of General Education has launched home-grown school feeding program. It is not that the program was not in place but most food were being brought or sourced from outside the boundary. The ministry now wants to source food from local sources. This means they should collectively work with farmers and key players in the food production sector. It means boosting the agricultural sector to meet the demands in schools throughout the country and have enough balance for domestic sustainability. It will mean improving a number of infrastructures feeder roads and farming machineries included beyond there will be increased labour-force which will include employing the youth to work in the farms and other general areas of economic development. The youth should therefore take it upon themselves to understand that it is not only white collar job that pays. Coming from the top notch official of the ministry, they must have done their homework and proper research to ensure the availability of what are required to make this a reality. The launch which was witnessed by the general public should not end up being just another roadside announcement but should be a reality to enable students enroll more and be able to attend to their classes without interruption. The ministry knows very well what it takes to feed students in all schools in the republic. It is a government plan which will ease students’ demand of breaking away from school for lack of food. It is encouraging and motivating to parents, guardians and school-going children. The only thing is that there must be peace and the will to carry-out the program. It is further indication of building a firm future for the country because a learned and well educated society makes informed judgment of any situation. This should be the case for the success of this program.

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