The traffic flow at the Juba Bridge commonly known as Kubri has started going at a snail’s pace due to the closure of one lane for repairs. The road users and motorists are in quagmire going through the bridge mostly in the evenings. There is no proper system of controlling the flow as the few traffic police who appear and disappear are not doing much to help. This situation needs to be corrected otherwise it would be a 45 days of hell in using the road. Traffic police bosses should ensure adequate arrangements are put in place to have proper control in the mornings and evenings, particularly, when heavy commercial vehicles are passing through the bridge either way.  The engineers who are closely working on the damaged lane should not give lip services to the public but should work within the stipulated period of time given to them or as they had promised. It should not be like the last time when the other section of the bridge was done which took more than the promised time. Already most of the vehicle owners residing in Gumbo and Sherikat are no longer driving due to the traffic congestion on the bridge. There is no miracle which can work now until the lane is fully repaired and opened to traffic flow, except to have properly coordinated traffic police officers. It has to be known that this is an important in and outlet of goods that are expected to boost the economic growth in different ways and sectors. The heavy vehicles should await time scheduled for them to move in and out instead of movement in the early morning when people are going to work and evenings when they are leaving the city. The congestion being witnessed within the few days that the bridge had been sealed is actually abnormal and must be controlled.

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