ENOUGH, SPLA-IO not going back to war

By Kidega Livingstone

The Sudan’s People Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) said they are not ready to go back to war following rumors from the international body.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference yesterday in Juba, the SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson, Col .Lam Paul Gabriel said SPLA-IO and SSPDF admitted that they were tired of fighting.

“As far as the soldiers are concerned, trust me we are not ready to fight. We are not going for clashes any more. If the politicians want to fight, let them fight. I moved a lot and we discussed a lot as soldiers, so we are not going back to war,” said Col. Lam.

“Do we want to go back to fight, no, we don’t because we are tired of killing ourselves. It is time for us to bring this country back to relative peace. We cannot afford to continue killing ourselves,” he added.

According to Col. Lam, during the registration in the cantonment sites, many SPLA-IO soldiers including one of the SSPDF were talking of not going back to join the army.

He assured South Sudanese and the peace partners of commitment in the implementation of the transitional security arrangement.

“No matter what people are hearing outside there, we want to assure our people that we are continuing to implement the transitional security arrangement in good faith and willingly. So, all the soldiers are tired of fighting. All we want is peace to come to this country because no one is benefitting from war,” said Col. Lam

He said political differences are over. What is now killing us is tribal differences that need to be removed out,” he said.

Those who are talking about the war have not been in front line, they are enjoying lives but those who have been in the front line have seen things, he added.

There are people who think they know things in South Sudan more than us the South Sudanese and this is what is happening outside. This is causing us a lot in this country. We don’t have to believe in what some body from outside is saying. What is very important is what we feel inside our hearts.

No matter what, we want to move forward with the implementation of the transitional security arrangement as far as security mechanism is concerned.

He calls on the CTSAMM, IGAD and the International community to investigate what happened in Adara County and bring those responsible to book.

He said if Gen. Ochan who defected to the government fight with the SPLA-IO forces in Adara County, that means the ceasefire has collapsed and that is what we want to avoid,” said Paul.

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