Enhancing the strength and capacity of the Organization and leadership

By Staff writer,

Kerubino Pow, the Executive Director told the reporters that People’s Initiative Development Organization [PIDO] had conducted a training workshop for the staff and board members for two days, from Monday the 11th and Tuesday the 12th November 2020.  He said that the two days training workshop was attended by 17 participants of staff and board members, enhanced the strength and the capacity of the organization and leadership.

He explained that during the training workshop number of reviewed policies and new developed policies were discussed by the participants. He stated that the training workshop was facilitated by AWICO law Firm that discussed  through with the participants the following policies, such as PIDO’s program operation policy, PSEA code of conduct, ant-bribery and corruption policy, finance policy, Gender inclusive policy, procurement policy, staff and board member code of conduct, Human resource policy  and strategic plan etc.

So he concluded that the participants have acquired working skills and knowledge that enable them to manage and operationalize the organization programs in a coordinative and effective manner on the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives.

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