Something is very wrong in Terekeka area. For the last two weeks, armed youth have engaged the security personnel in exchange of fire and ambushing humanitarian aid vehicles. This is a self-created insecurity which the authorities should not sympathize with. The Government should not allow jungle laws to overtake the constitutional laws. Nowhere in the world can people be let loose to do what they want at whim. Idle mind is the devil’s workshop. These youth must be doing nothing important in their lives. They sit idle the whole day planning devilish. It is good to understand that the security agents caught up with some of them, two killed in exchange of fire and eight arrested and are in custody. This is not the solution. These youth and others in the country should be kept busy doing something. It came to mind a suggestion by Executive Director of Nile Foundation, Karibino Wol that there should be creation or establishment of vocational training centers and village polytechnics where the youth could be engaged in learning skills to help them fend for themselves instead of being left to roam and do nothing. True to his word youth are the victims of the current economic crisis. But should this be the reason(s) to let them engage in activities that are detrimental to the society and the country as a whole. We cannot narrate or list the negative or bad part like killing, rape and other inhuman acts by these youth. What we are advocating for is that the youth who are the future of any Nation in the world over should not be left without positive commitment to their country. These youth in Terekeka just like other parts of the country are the future leaders. They must be made to carry the load of this nation to a positive conclusion. Not otherwise. They must be made to account for their on existence in this country.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


One cannot win an argument with a moron. SaTP this time turned out to be one such a person. A moron. He told us how confused he was that the Government was not ready to renegotiate peace agreement while at the same time, the National Dialogue team was out to South Africa to try to bring on board all inclusivity. So where and how are you confused? We asked and told him not to mix the two issues which were of national interest but which were not of the same agenda. His argument though not valid, had some substances. To a lay man, the two were almost meaning the same thing. Only you and I could understand that the term of the peace agreement was almost over while the National Dialogue was meant for all to sit and air all grievances before coming to a compromised understanding on the way forward to peaceful co-existence in the whole country. SaTP was even more lost because the two issues remained inter-related with all talking about peace. Our lecturing and reasoning did not put things to any better. We decided to consult an expert on these matters. The result was simple. The first agreement was meant for the formation of Government of National Unity and had a time frame which is soon ending. The National Dialogue is a homemade efforts to bring all warring and every citizen to discuss their problems and chat a positive way for the country to move forward inclusively. It was the idea of President Kiir who has since then left all it takes to neutral and independent minds to see it through to its successful conclusion. This is why there is a team who went to South Africa while others are in parts of the world trying to reach those aggrieved to come to one table and discuss the affairs of the country for purposes of finding lasting solutions to the existing problems. It is for lasting peace that it was mooted and initiated. Our friend was still lost and was in the walls without a solution. He vowed to meet the co-chair of the National Dialogue (ND) and find out more what the objectives were and how it was going to benefit the country. He was sure he was not alone in this lack of knowledge as there are a number of people out there who did not understand the role and work of the ND. It was time to have at least public forum to enlighten the public more about it.

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