End violence against children and women –Women Group

By Martha David

A group of Women in South Sudan have appealed to the Government to end any forms of violence against children and women in the country.

Women from different Institutions staged a protest in Juba yesterday, to summit a petition to the Parliament and the Ministry of Interior, Gender Child and Social Welfare.   

The move was to show solidarity with the family of the three children murdered in Rock city earlier this month and the victims of rapes.

While reading the petition, the chairperson for Women Lawyers Federation Adut Daniel Chol said women are really brokenhearted with the incident and the rape cases happening against children and women.

She explained that the Government needs to put into consideration the ban of all forms of drugs and alcohol consumption in the country because it was the main reason behind the random killings and raping of women and girls in the country.

 “We call upon the Ministry of Justice to pass maximum judgment in the case of the three children, such a maximum sentence should be different to potential violators outside GBV,”Adut said.

She stated that the government also has to offer the necessary support to the families of the victims and establishing centers and safe houses for the survivors of GBV.

However the Minister of Gender Child and Social Welfare Ayaa Benjamin Warille said that women in the country have done a lot.

“I am requesting everyone here whether you’re a man or a woman put our hands together to fight this, because it is affecting all of us, it is our own responsibility. We are supporting activities that will bring hope to the survivors and also try as much as we can to prevent them from happening,” she said

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