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End the senseless killings, JMEC tells warring Parties

JMEC Deputy Chairperson Ambassador Lt. Gen. Augostino Njoroge presents a certificate to a participant. PIC/JMEC

By Martha David

The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission has on Thursday called on the South Sudanese warring parties to embrace the spirit of compromise at the revitalization forum and end the “senseless killings” in the country.

“The achievement of peace in South Sudan is a collective process. You must all make the decision that the conflict, and especially the senseless killings need to stop and say enough is enough,” JMEC Deputy Chairperson Ambassador Lt. Gen. Augostino Njoroge said.

“It is critical for all parties to fully abide by the Agreements they have signed to date, including the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities, Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Access of December 2017 (ACoH) and particularly refrain from all acts of violence,” he added.

He was speaking during the closing ceremony of a four-day orientation workshop organized together with the Whitaker peace development Initiative (WPDI) for young peace builders.

The workshop was conducted in palm Africa Hotel in Juba on Thursday to provide training on the 2015 Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (AGRCSS), the 2017 Cessation of Hostilities (COH) and the High Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF).

Ambassador Njoroge said even though step that has been taken towards the Peace Agreement revitalization process is “encouraging”, the Parties should endeavor to resolve outstanding issues.

Wani Michael, a youth representative to the HLRF and a member of the civil society forum appreciated the step taken by the mediators to consider some of the youth’s demands that have been put forward. He said as a result, the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport will be given to the youth in the next transitional government.

“Young people have never been meaningfully and adequately represented in the peace process,” Wani said.

He urged the parties to implement the party quarter system on youth which is in Article 6.5 of the agreement called for the implementation of the quarter system in the next revitalization process.

“There are opportunities for young people to engage in the peace process,” Wani expressed.

However, JEMC Deputy Chairperson Ambassador Augustino Njoroge said the step that has been taken towards the peace agreement revitalization process is encouraging and that the parties should endeavor to resolve outstanding issues.

Ambassador added that, youth in this country must rally around the common goal, set better standards, educate the population on their rights and responsibilities and continue to agitate for a peaceful resolution of the conflict that has continued for long.

“The youth of South Sudan should be the capital, the vanguard and a force for good,” Amb Njoroge said.

“Remember however that, all wars must end in peace. Let all of you as South Sudanese find in your hearts a place to forgive each other, accommodate one another and rekindle the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood and take another historic step to rebuild your motherland. As the youth, the future belongs to you more than any other social group,” he added.


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