The action by the Ministry of Labour to implement the eighty percent job opportunities for the nationals is a good gesture and otherwise a golden idea for the youth who are unemployed.

It had been of concern that most of our youth had been branded as the cause of crimes in the city and elsewhere outside the country due to idleness. Most of these youths have what it takes to deliver to their country all the services but fall short due to lack of employment. Most of them are graduates in East African and other countries who might have or have not worked before.

Most of these opportunities are taken up by foreigners because they are well trained in their countries to fit in work or otherwise because South Sudanese believed that a fellow countryman is not competent enough to deliver the best services. This allows no chance of training such graduates to be productive employees in their respective fields.

Most of the youths claimed that they are normally ignored because NGOs were mostly interested in those who had not graduated so that they might not ask for huge salaries. Is this the reality on the ground or is it true or not. But a foreigner working in the country is not the problem because if they are worth it, why can’t they be employed? The problem must be within the nationals who are sometimes ignorant to acquire the necessary experience and skills which would render them worth employment. Volunteering can sometimes help one to acquire skills which would help them get a well-paying job later on.

 If at all the 80 percent could be implemented by the NGOs, then it would be a sigh of relief to help in training them the youths to gain the expertise this country need most. Practice makes perfect, meaning that the more they remain idle, the more they forget their expertise and the future of the country will be unpredictable.

Training of youths to be productive taken up in the fields of carpentry, tailoring, hospitality, automobile, computer, solar installation, baking, plumbing, hairdressing, painting and so forth being done by the ministry of Labour through African Development Bank at the Juba Multiservice Training Centre will enable South Sudanese to cater for themselves as well. They will add to their already acquired skills enabling them to be all-rounders.

The Ministry needs to be applauded for this noble initiative. It is a right channel of job creation too which will enable the NGOs to take the youths to work for them. However, parents need to advise their children to take up and not to ignore such chances.

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