By Robin Saban

The future can be defined as stated in the dictionary in linguistic terms, as a noun or as an adjective. But, how should we define the future? Should we define it in the immediacy of the next seconds, next minutes, next hours, next weeks, next months, next years or in the future beyond, in many more years to come?

I have a different approach to the meaning of future. For me the future is Mother Nature and equal to Mother Nature is Woman, but with a slight difference, as both deserve total respect and the protection of love, dignity as well as integrity.

Let’s take a look at Mother Nature first. Mother Nature is alive, she is extremely generous, beautiful, amazing, full of miracles, loving, caring, passionate, and more over, accepting of all our faults despite our irresponsible behavior toward her rules. Mother Nature is smart, has her own rules and sends us many messages in many different ways, but most of all, we are so weak toward Mother Nature that we sometimes beg and pray to be rescued by her. We pray for her miracles and for our livelihoods, such as when our crops need to be harvested, or to keep sicknesses away from our livestock.

Whatever we consume in this world it all comes from Mother Nature. Whatever we wear, eat, drink, and the use of all our technological or medical appliances, I mean from A to Z it all comes from Mother Nature.

But no matter what, we must be very careful not to make Mother Nature angry, as she has her own way to punish and get to us. We witness her punishments in many different ways and we all know this.

Let’s not forget, we all end up in the arms of Mother Nature one way or the other at the end of our life. She is the one who accepts us with welcoming arms, regardless of who we are and what color we are, or what religion or region we belong to.

Nowthat’s what I call future and it is the ultimate power. However,equal to Mother Nature is the other ultimate power for our future and this is Woman.

The difference between Mother Nature and Woman is that, although they are both mothers, Woman is human and made out of flesh and blood and Woman has human feelings and emotions, but all the same, nature has the superior power over all of us.

As like Mother Nature, Woman is also loving,she is caring, generous, passionate, her sense of beauty and her gentle touch to our life, to our household and her sense of humor are all priceless gifts for our future.

Empowering Woman means empowering the future.

The reason is that, our children grow up with women until the age of 18, although this age bracket differentiatesfrom culture to culture. In some cultures it doesn’t matter how old you are, you are always in the arms of your mother. She still cooks, does the washing and takes care of you regardless of your age.

Our children spend most of the sensitive years of their life with women. In the life of a child, the time from 0 to 3 are the most precious years in the life of a baby. Following many studies, it has been provenby child psychologists that babies need to be held, touched and kissed, and must feel protected, because all of these human affections and the many other human acts of gentleness, makes a huge difference in the development of a human life.

I believe there is a huge difference between the touch of a woman and the touch of man to a baby. There is no doubt that fatherly touch for a baby is essential as well, but nothing can be compared with the touch of a mother. Motherly love and touch cannot be replaced with anything. She was the one who carried the baby 9 months in her womb, so there is a very special connection between a mother and a baby.

It’s the mother, who wipes baby`s bottom, takes care of baby when baby is hungry, breast-feeds baby, and when this innocent soul is sick, she has sleepless nights with her baby and is sad, praying to God for help for her child. In unimaginable situations, she protects us by putting her life in line for baby. She stays hungry but still tries to find food for her child.

Giving life to a child and carrying that child nine months in her womb is alone magnificent and a miracle fora human life. You might say, “Well this is how God created us”, that might be true, but still there are completely different feelings and emotions involved when you are carrying the innocent soul in your womb and giving life to an innocent soul. That must be a very special feeling for a woman and I have no doubt, however a woman becomes pregnant and regardless of how that particular moment of the pregnancy was, she is a mother. It might be a sad or happy moment of her life, but she is nevertheless a mother.

The patience that women have, we men do not have it. Don’t ask me why but we men are not as patient as women. To raise a child needs lots of patience and motherly love. I don’t disregard the fatherly love, but there is nothing more superior that can be compared with motherly love on earth. We can witness this motherly love in the animal world as well.

As mentioned above, when nature gets angry the punishment of Mother Nature is various. But when a woman gets angry and cries, her mother tears end up before the creator.

Let’s not forget, educated and empowered women meanan educated future, a strong country and responsible communities. Therefore, for our nation or societies, we must make the education for women a first priority. No one should ever underestimate the intelligence, leadership and power of the woman. 

Woman; They are our queens, mothers, sisters, our friends, life partner, our love, inspiration, our motivation, mother of our kids, they are the one who sings the first song in our ears and in the ears of kids, our hope for our nation and communities, they are our nurses in the hospitals, taking care of our elders. We can go on and on and yet, they are the most vulnerableones too, they face the domestic violence, sexual violence, physical torture and are often left with our kids in villages or in the cities alone. They work hard on the farms, in the fields and in many countries they are the oneswho sell their handicrafts, fruits and vegetables in the local bazars to help their family financially.

Let’s not forget, no matter who wins the war, at the end of the day, each bullet gets stuck in the heart of a mother.  Whether it is the life of an enemy or the life of a battlefield friend, each life has a mother to thank and when each life is taken away by a war or violence of any sort, the peace of a mother goes along with it. That’s why motherhood has a very holy place before the creator and no matter what, motherhood should be respected, treasured and should be upheld to the highest level in human life.

We must not forget that; without women no future can be determined. Therefore, once again, empowered, educated, respected, loved, cared, cherished and spoiled, Woman will give back more to us and to our communities than we can even dream of.

Until next article, please stay safe and sound and god bless you all.

Robin Saban


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