Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

We all agree that empowering youth is one of the noble task which must be given proper attention to enable them fit in different fields of the country’s development. This should be done with thorough attention and commitments by all stakeholders and key players. A qualified electrician, masonry or plumber for example cannot graduate with full knowledge and experience required within three months. This is impossible and honesty must prevail here so that the youth are not mocked or made to believe that they were qualified to go out there and stand on their own. This week my colleague John witnessed the graduation of 36 disabled persons and 449 youth, all in vocational skills which took three months to complete in different avenues. I stand to be corrected these short periods are being sponsored and donors are giving money for these purposes. John himself is an electrician and during our talks he said he spent one year in the neighbouring country learning the work but still he did not qualify fully until he mastered the art on the job training within the job. In honesty and truth, three month cannot make one know or be qualified for the job. Either there is something that is not right in the planning of training to empower the youth or there is a move to clear the books of account before the end of the year to attract more funding by these donors. Those officiating should ask questions to the organizers and get answers before stepping in. Indeed the country need man-power and one of the ways to do it is to empower the youth to be self-reliance and firm foundation for the future economic growth. They should properly and not shoddily be prepared to take the mantle. These short causes needs those who are advancing to the next level for beginners something different should be arranged but not three months. Surely the government encourages those partners willing to help but this should not be taken for granted because the future of the youth and the country must be considered above all. Sometimes it beats all logics because even then, come next year or thereafter, there is no follow-up to find out how those trained were fairing on with their empowernets program. If funds are available beginners should be given amble time to go through their courses within proper time frame to equip them with knowledge that would propel them to the sustainable future instead of what was being witnessed where some did  not understand   what they had  gone to do and how to apply them when left alone. This is a fact and reality of life which cannot be left untold so that the general public became aware of what was going on. We need projects and programs that are of benefitial to the country and which should not be used under the guise of empowerments.

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