Empowering Women for better future

By Martha David

In striving to empower women to be self-reliant and steady in their daily chores, a local organization has embarked on a program to lift the standard of living among women folks in and around Juba town.

The organization, Annnduku Family Care Program (ANFCP), is also seeking help from local and international organizations to construct and renovate a six class stream orphan’s primary school in Juba whose classrooms are in bad and wanting shape. The school has a population of more than 600 needy pupils with the administration and teachers rooms in worse condition including a toilet which cannot serve the whole school population.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Ann Nduku, the director of the organization said, her objective was to make life bearable to those in need like the orphans who are in desperate need of the school which is built with “bamboo” and was in the last stage and shape of falling down with the coming of heavy rains. She also said she had established a number of women group where her organization was empowering women through tailoring, catering, dressing, and beats work among others. This she said was to help the women to be able to stand on their own feet and be able to help their children.

The organization which is located in Juba has been in the forefront among other NGOs in spearheading women’s economic empowerment through domesticated activities through locally available materials which are equally less expensive.

The organization is targeting and dealing with single mothers, widows, orphans, women and young girls, the latter, to prevent them from engaging in bad habits and companies since they are the future backbone of the country.  Nduku said women were the most in need to enable them support their families and children adding that it was with this in mind that women should come together and cooperate in having business to do rather than stay idle and wait for any eventuality.

“Women are ready to learn and we are willing to help them. The only challenge is funds “Ann stressed.

Lack of funds and manpower are the main challenges that face much humanitarian organization since they are not getting much support. Few friends and individuals sometimes come to the aid of the needy through such organizations.

She appealed to the donors and the international NGOS to support the women with domestic equipment which could empower them to live averagely if not beyond poverty line like sewing machines, equipment and food making items in order to help women learn better on how to improve their status in life.

Nduku revealed that already the organization was covering different areas in Juba town and Kator area and was planning to extend to other parts including Kapoeta. The organization had trained 20 women since it started operation five months ago who are now making a living through the acquired knowledge and were also extending the same to other women in their localities with a follow-up from the organization.







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