Empower women for sustainable peace -Dr. Igga

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga called on the stakeholders to exert effort in order to empower women in peace building in the country.

Dr. Igga said women play an important role in shaping and creating sustainable peace in the society adding that it was a fundamental concern for everyone.

“Empowerment of women in peace building is a powerful strategy for building resilience and reducing fragility,” Igga said.

He was speaking during South Sudan Women Leaders conference in Juba yesterday.

Dr. Igga said that the empowerment of women in the political leadership was a viable principle adding nations should encourage representation of women at all levels.

“The political, economic and leadership empowerment of women is a principle that should run across countries in conflict like South Sudan today,” he said.

“Nations must help to build the capacity of women by encouraging partner countries to promote women participations in the counter structures and projects implementation unit,” he argued.

The Vice President reiterated that the country should ensure that men and women benefit equally.

He further stated that sustainable peace could not be achieved if women were not included in the peace process mechanisms adding that the government must give way to the rule of law.

He pointed out that ethnic, religious and class antagonism and discrimination should be avoided.

“Ethnic and religious discrimination and confrontation should be avoided. There should be a way of national reconciliation so that former enemies can return to the same villages and coexist in peace,” he said.

Joy Zakaria, UN women representative in South Sudan said the organization was committed to support government efforts in women empowerment and ensure gender differences were addressed.

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