Embrace spirit of compromise for the sake of peace -JMEC

The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) has asked the South Sudanese warring parties to embrace the spirit of compromise and accept the IGAD bridging proposals to end the conflict in the country.


JMEC Chairperson H.E. Festus Mogae said, “I hope that South Sudanese will understand that this bridging proposal (by IGAD) was developed upon their own request, and after every opportunity had been given to them to make compromises and reach some form of consensus.

“Ultimately, it is obvious that none of the parties may be celebrating because such is the nature of dialogue – no one party can get one hundred percent of what they want in a negotiation.”

“Perhaps this is even the more reason to take this bridging proposal as the middle ground in the parties’ current negotiating positions.”

The statement was delivered by JMEC Chief of Staff, Ambassador Berhanu Kebede on behalf of the Chairperson at the 62nd Extra-ordinary Session of the IGAD Council of Ministers held in Addis Ababa, on Thursday.

For the first time since July 2016, the Chairperson said, all the warrying factions in South Sudan “sat around the table and pursued dialogue to end their protracted conflict.”

“The people of South Sudan are yearning for peace now. They are tired of this senseless conflict and cannot afford endless talks without economic recovery and redress to the dire humanitarian situation,” he said.

He commended for the   “very well considered and thoughtful” Bridging Proposal presented at the revitalization forum held last week, to help them narrow the gaps and make progress towards an agreement.

“Furthermore, the Parties have agreed on the mandate for the revitalized transitional government. They have agreed on a transitional period to be preceded by 120 days of Pre-Transitional Period,” Chairperson Mogae said.

“They have also agreed on a range of judicial and institutional reforms, on national elections, and some provisions on security arrangements, which have all been initialed. This is commendable.”

He said despite some progress towards a middle ground, there are a “few areas” of contention for which the parties have failed to make progress.

“This Council’s meeting today is therefore very timely and critical. The Council should reflect on the process so far, and determine how best to help the South Sudanese parties to overcome the current stalemate and to bring the HLRF to a successful conclusion,” he said.

“I continue to appeal to the Council to remain resolute, speak with one voice, and to prevail over the intransigent parties to make compromises and accommodate one another.”



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