Embassy of Israel, President’s Office donate food items

By Kidega Livingstone

The Embassy of Israel in collaboration with the Office of the President has donated food items worth millions of South Sudanese Pounds to support the hungry and vulnerable community of Block 4 in Lemon Gaba, Gurei residential area.

The food items that comprises of maize flour, rice, cow peas, cooking oil and salt have been distributed to more than fifty households. Each household got 50 Kgs of maize flour, 10 Kgs of rice, 10 Kgs of cowpeas, 10 litres of cooking oil and 4 packets of salt.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the distribution yesterday, Ambassador of Israel to South Sudan, Hanan Goder said the embassy has been in touch with community members for long that encouraged the Embassy with support from the Office of the President to help them with food items as their situation was getting worse due to high prices of food commodities in the market.

“When we came to this area, we saw the strength of the people going together, this is what we appreciated to see people are working together because when you are alone you cannot get mission but from fifty and above anything you want, you will get it and succeed,” said Goder.

“This donation is very small but it is very important because our heart is for the people who are in need and we take this opportunity to appreciate the Chief of the area to organize this to happen,” he added.

Ambassador Goder said the donation of the food items to the community shows good relation between the people of Israel and South Sudan.

“I am very happy to see that there is good relationship between the two countries because the business and development is going on well among us and we all  are going to make sure that it is continued  in that direction,” said Goder.

The Chief of the area Hillary Joseph welcomed the initiative. He said communities in the area were suffering because of huger and many houses were not able to afford two meals a day but with the donation, the life of the people will be changed.

“You can see from our faces that we are very happy with what the Embassy of Israel did for our community because they (communities) were really suffering, they could not afford a meal in a day,” said Joseph.

Edwina Matetiya, a mother of four children, and one of the beneficiaries said she is happy with the food distribution in her area. “We are very happy because the Embassy of Israel has given us the food that we cannot manage to buy because we don’t have the money but God is great he knows our problem,” she said. “We don’t have more to say but what we can say is that God bless Israel and South Sudan.”

Another mother, Agnes Kiden said they were not expecting such a donation.

She said the food arrived at the right time when they are looking for food to feed their families, and appealed for continuation of such donations in areas where many people are suffering.

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