Eleven years ago Juba Monitor was born today

By Odongo Odoyo

Managing Editor

The blue sky glittered in the light of the shinning sun eleven years ago, the journey from Khartoum Monitor to Juba was  initiated then it became obvious after earnest  consultation that the birth of Juba Monitor was on led and championed by the late Alfred Taban, the doyen of journalism in the country. His vision and others in the board of directors with like minds, were out to ensure that the birth and independence of the new nation, South Sudan, coincided with the new look Juba Monitor. Since then this newspaper has remained a voice of and for the people going beyond the country by establishing links in Kenya and Uganda. Efforts to capture Khartoum was not successful due the emergence of the dreaded coronavirus pandemic although plans are afoot to meet the desired need of the management and the loving readership of this leading English Daily Newspaper which has struggled through many challenges to consistently remain in the market without missing a day and improving the media structure in the country. This journey has not been smooth as many people may seem to think. Before my friend professional colleague Yaba Alfred left this world, he had already ventured into politics and left the entire management to Anna Nimiriano who had remained faithful to her boss and the entire newspaper management. Then came doubting Thomases who thought the lady would not make it and her elevation would result in total collapse of Juba Monitor. Time and period went by day by day to prove them wrong. The newspaper gained momentum and moved up from strength to strength capturing the attention of readership in almost all the states and administrative areas. The growth of the media industry recognizes the existence of Juba Monitor. It cannot be contested as a number of students pursuing journalism both locally and abroad always wish to intern with this newspapers. It is a recognized fact that most newsrooms existing and those which have folded up have one or a number of journalists who have worked or passed through this newspapers. They are many out there and came out the best . It has been thought otherwise, but always the management do not hinder anyone from going for greener pasture with full recommendations even when the situation become so tight. Trying cases and moments have been there just like it would be in other private or public institutions but what keep Juba Monitor going is the openness and transparent management while at the same time collaborating with key players in the media industry. Although privately owned, this newspaper has been recognized as a flagship of the country and having won several awards both locally and internationally, displayed a leading role in the media industry. Many competitors have come and gone due to one thing or another, but mostly due to financial constrain, in these difficult and hard circumstances, we have remained in the market, through advertisement, subscription and daily sales. Thanks to our trusted and honored customers and the entire readership. In our long journey to reach where we are we might have stepped on some people’s toes unintentionally or without purpose it is common that we make a mend and take the earliest opportunity to say this magic word called Sorry to them. We intend to continue moving forward together with the purpose of Educating, Informing and Entertaining members of the public with well balance and well researched information well aware that the media remain important as the mirror that reflect the good and the bad in the society. We can assure them all that no innuendoes are meant and no habouring of grudges are anywhere in Juba Monitor. Our important call is to improve and help build a formidable media industry in the country in collaboration with key players in the sector. Yes we can.      

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