Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Is the world changing amidst us or what is happening? Reports that eleven female gang members were arrested in Torit should not be taken lightly. We have come across some serious women gang members in other countries where they have caused havoc. It is not normal in African context to have women openly join gangs for criminal purposes. If this happened, it cannot be this large number. It is not the crime committed or intended to be committed. It is that female gang members are on the loose somewhere in the country. I was ready and wanted to get views from the police what could be happening in the field of crime and why it rate seems to have gone up. My friend who is a close colleague narrated to me how part of Gudele and Munuki had become fearful as gang members some in full uniforms were terrorizing residents even in the wee hours of the morning. Some parts of the areas have become a no go zone. I was looking for my friend Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin to explain some few facts that had come into my way. It is unfortunate that I did not get him but for sure I am going to look for him and Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai if they had heard about the on-going crime wave, some being carried out by some men in uniform who walk to their victims and identifying themselves as men of uniform before committing the crime.  It is becoming very risky my friend told me that the crime are committed even when people awake. I am getting worried because some of those with arms should not be holding them in the first place if they were not for protecting the citizens. We cannot play double games with life when we are faced with the dreaded coronavirus. But my colleague was telling me that something called hunger could be more dangerous and all efforts should be made to have enough food for all. I draw his attention back to the issue at hand of the COVID-19 and the fact that there was every reason not to be diverted from the fight against the virus. The fact that all patients with severe coronavirus cases were released from Dr. John Garang Infectious Disease Unit should not make people think that they are now free and can go do whatever they want without following preventive measures. It is not a case of freedom but the government found it wise to place the last three released patients under strict observation with the aim of taking them back should there be such need. The notion being portrayed by some people amount to ignorant which should be avoided because the virus is real and is within. Still the government should maintain the lockdown and the curfew which now seems to be forgotten. Right now there are three facts to fight against. Hunger, Crime and Coronavirus.

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