Police arrest girl for stealing a baby in Gumbo




By Opio Jackson

A 17-year old girl was arrested by police in Gumbo on Thursday for allegedly stealing one month’s old baby when her mother had gone to the river to wash clothes.

Clement Joseph Okello, Warrant Office at Eastern Division police station in Gumbo said it was five days since the case about the disappearance of the child was reported to them.

According to the police report, the girl had been using the innocent baby for getting assistance from the public especially at Custom market claiming that she lacked breast milk to feed the child.

“The parents of the baby were seriously looking for the child and when the case was reported to us, we dispatched some police from the Criminal Investigative Department to search for the child,” Mr. Okello said.

He continued that after the girl was spotted at Custom market by the CID, she immediately disappeared and ran-away to Jebel Lemun area situated East of Shiritkat.

“It was on Thursday at around 11 O’clock that we went to look for her at Jebel Lemun. Fortunately we managed to get the exact home she was living in together with her husband,” Mr. Okello said.

“However, we found that the girl had gone to the market to buy some food items and left the baby inside the house,” he explained.

The warrant officer continued that they hid themselves at the neighbour as they wait for the girl saying that after the she returned from the market they immediately arrested her.

Mr. Okello said the girl pleaded guilty and they told her to carry the baby with her together as they bring her to police station for further interrogation.

“After we brought the child the relatives of the child and the mobs around were very furious and some of them started throwing stones at us because they wanted to harm the girl,” he said.

“It was really serious because the mob wanted to kill the girl. They threw stones at us and even up to now my back is still paining,” Mr. Okello added.

He said according to doctor’s medical report the little baby was under normal condition and only that her stomach was empty due to lacking breast feeding.

The 17-year old who was said she was married, had pleaded guilty when asked by Juba Monitor but declined to give any statement.

Mr. Okello said the baby had been reunited with the parents but the girl was under detention waiting for legal procedure so that she could be taken to Court.

“My message to the citizens is that we don’t want child abduction and if there is any child that got lost, should be handed to the police or the media. “You should not steal someone’s child and keep it as your own,” Mr. Okello warned.





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