Eleven female gang members arrested in Torit

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

 Police in Torit town of Eastern Equatoria have arrested a group of 11 female girls who were involved in a gang related fight last week.

The girls with the age ranging from 11-17 years wore trousers and mini-skirts and were moving with Pangas, the police said.

They were caught while fighting with their opponents at Torit Freedom Square on Friday last week.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Monday, the chief inspector of police at Torit Central Division Maj. Justine Kleopus Takuru said the two groups popularly known as star ladies and Night blue groups chopped themselves in a fight that led to the injury of two girls. They are currently taking treatment at Torit hospital.

“They fought until two of them were injured on their heads. Police arrested 11 of them, brought them here in police custody, the two injured ones were given form 8 so that they go to hospital.”

They are all school children and they seem to be having some problems since,” Kleopus explained.

According to Kleopus, some groups were charged in the recent month with a jail term of two months without bail for causing anxiety in society.

“The group arrested will not be left like that, we will open a case and will forward to the court so that they are sent to prison,” he said.  

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