By: Loro Louis Yugu

I was overwhelmed yesterday when my colleagues dashed out of office to see lighting bulbs on the new electric poles on Juba Airport road.  I heard them shouting, “power oyee” while others were saying our charismas gift is now here. Indeed the news that the power would be launched by His Excellency President Salva Kiir was received with joy. Light is one of the most precious things in human life. Imagine how sad it has been, staying in darkness since South Sudan Electricity Corporation promised the citizens of this country electricity in form of “Christmas Gift” in 2017.

Speaking to press in October 2017, the Minister of Electricity and Dams, Dr. Dhieu Mathok promised to electrify Juba but the action intended for the transmission was short lived as it did not go beyond the festive season.

This time the citizens of this country should own the electricity and avoid any intention to vandalize any electric device. South Sudan Electricity Cooperation (SSEC) recently blamed Juba residents for vandalizing the electric cables resulting to delay of power rehabilitations works.

Earlier, Beck Awan, the Chairperson of South Sudan Electricity Cooperation said the work was going backward because there was vandalism going on. The work completed was being broken up by people who are not known saying some poles have been pushed down and people were stealing the cables.

This is an irresponsible behavior that must not be tolerated. Those who are mandated to man the electric docket in the country should be vigilant this time. How can you destroy your own property if your intelligent quotient is functioning?

You as citizen of this country should be alert and play your role by reporting any one stealing the cables to the police or the authorities concerned. This is called nation building. There is no country that can develop on earth without the participation of her entire citizens.

When war broke out in the country, Juba was left in darkness because some careless citizens looted the solar panels meant for street light especially on Gudele road.

This new move should pave a way for South Sudan to build its own dam to supply power for industrial and domestic use. This is the only way to boost trade and economy in the country. Efforts to import power should be abated to avoid unnecessary expenditure. The country needs a 24 hour power .

South Sudan has the lowest electricity consumption per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to USAID.

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