A foot for thought

Election should be free and fair

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

I have been watching different television channels and observing the election situations in African countries and the world at large. It is not easy to have free and fair elections in the world including the recent elections in the United States of America. There was violence that took place in America while Trump was expected to hand over the leadership to the new administration of Joe Biden this month.

Not only that but other countries went through the same situation or worse than that. At the end of the elections they would do well. Currently, Uganda is preparing for elections which will start today. The campaign started with a lot of problems, for example violence, lastly the administration of the current government closed down access to social media to avoid communication as it is one of the effective ways of getting information whether it is correct  or fake news.

On the other hand, Uganda government wants to control information by all means for people from other countries not to know what is going on during the elections time. Controlling information is good but at the same time it cannot help so much.  At the end of the elections, people in the world will know what had happened.

The campaign started with bad remarks from citizens and other political parties. One of them was the issue of corruption in the country. They said there was no development as expected in the country by the current government. I wish there will be no violence during the elections and after the election period.  South Sudan Ambassador in Uganda said South Sudanese should be indoors until the elections are concluded.

What will happen to some Ugandans who are in South Sudan? How they will vote is not clear. By law they will not vote from other countries. South Sudan should be careful in the way they would cooperate with Uganda government as a neighbor. We need to protect our people at the borders and make sure that South Sudan refugees are protected from any violence that might take place in the camps and other places.

I expect any country that is going to help Uganda government to support positively in order to reflect good result of the elections in the country.

May God bless us all.

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