The period given for the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement is reaching it final stages and politicians are preparing themselves to contest, civilians eagerly waiting to vote, army is ready to have a new commander in chief, while the whole World is also keeping eyes open and ears on the ground expecting South the country to go for election after ten years of independence which was brought by a referendum where citizens were given the choice to either vote for a united Sudan or a separate country which was fulfilled with 99 percent votes for an independent South Sudan which brought in President Salva Kiir Mayardit as the first President of this sovereign State.

Unfortunately just a year later, what is described differently by politicians and civilians as a power struggle turned into ethnic divisions, longest economic crisis and continuous communal conflicts up to today? Most of the conflicts in the communities today were not there before, they are as results of political struggle. The reason is that politicians make their people vulnerable, or simply use them as tools for selfish ambitions. They mobilize and divide them along tribal lines by giving them money and weapons.

The consequences of such conflicts are deaths and insecurities everywhere. Leaders hide from people they are leading, civilians hide from criminals, and militias hiding in the bush fighting and killing innocent women, children and youths who gave up hopes. Now with guns everywhere in the hands of civilians even in cattle camps, how would elections be held in 2023?

these questions, are refugees and internal displaced persons given rehabilitation support to come back to their home? Are united forces trained and graduated in the expected time? Will there be free environment for election Activities to be carried while many civilians are keeping guns in their houses? What have leaders done to win votes?

President Kiir always says in his public speeches that he is ready for election and people should stop fighting, but it is surprising that the more the said time is approaching, the more conflicts are escalating and spreading everywhere like wildfire.

Despite these challenges, the International communities and civilians are opting to rush for election. It is like when one is having a broken leg but trying to climb a tree. The best thing is to recover first. Activist Yakani, the Executive Director of CEPO has warned that if the country rushes for election it might results into war.  This prediction should be given attention before it is too late.

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