Elders urge people to embrace agriculture

By Martha David

South Sudan Council of Elders is urging the Citizens to embrace agriculture following the formation of the new government after formation of the new Government last week.

 Peter Chut a member of the Council of Elders said citizens must take agriculture as a priority to improve the economy in the coming period of peace.

“If we harvest our own crops, we will not remain like this, dollar will not increase, dollar is increasing because we are receiving food from NGOs outside,” Chut said.

“Bringing peace to the country will make the citizens embrace agriculture, we will not buy food from abroad,” he added.

Chut pointed out that people are happy with the decision that the President has taken to revert the country to the ten states and appointing the vice presidents to end the suffering of the people.

He explained that since the states issue has been resolved, some crime activities had come to an end, and some community conflicts had stopped.

He called on the South Sudanese in Diaspora and the PoCs to come back and develop the country.

Chief Backyeal Konashi, chairperson for South Sudan Council of Elders acknowledged the decision made by the President of the Republic to declare peace in the country.

He emphasized on the agriculture and development in the country after people were forced to leave their activities because of the conflict.

“We don’t want to hear gunshot anymore; we need peace,” he said.

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