Elder promises to support government efforts toward peace in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

An elder in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State promised to support government’s effort towards permanent peace in the Country.

David Lokonga, one of community elders encouraged the chiefs to engage in dialogue with the hold out groups for peace to prevail in the area and the country at large.

He called for an end to violence that continued to displace civilians from their residential areas and killing of innocent people.

David urged the entire population to denounce violence and work for lasting peace in order to develop the country.

“Our chiefs, open your eyes. Many of our people died because of the conflict. Talk to the hold out groups in the areas that enough is enough. Give support to your government if it is at county, state, or national level. Work for peace. Our people suffered enough. Let us denounce violence and work for peace, ’’appealed the former governor of the defunct Yei River State.

Lokonga expressed disappointment that Yei had been made a fighting ground which derailed development efforts.

He called on women to lead the end to suffering of the innocent civilians because the conflict mostly affected them due to their vulnerability context.

The elder appealed to the citizens to change their bitter hearts and live together as south Sudanese in order for peace to prevail.

He demanded for voluntary return of south Sudanese refugees from the neighboring countries.

“I am disappointed to see that our glorious Yei is now taken as a fighting ground and development efforts are derailed. Let us change our hearts, let God enter our hearts. Our women, the entire suffering is yours. Lead the way to end this suffering. Let our people in the refugee camps in the neighboring countries return back and develop Yei, “urged the elder.

Yei was experiencing continued insecurity that caused displacement of civilians due to the presence of the holdout groups which were operating within the areas of the county.

Currently Yei episcopal diocese was hosting internally displaced persons from Logo Boma of Otogo Payam due to the recent clashes between the holdout groups and government in Yembe area.

The communities of Ombasi were also displaced some months ago with the same condition that forced them to move out from their place of origin.

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