Eighty inmates pardoned in Aweil

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Eighty (80) inmates from Aweil main prison have been temporarily released as part of the effort by the government to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

Last weekend, the State prison released 80 inmates following the recommendation by State High Court as part of State’s clemency to pardon people with minor offenses.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Press Secretary Deng Kiir Deng said the governor called upon all the inmates to refrain from committing crimes as they are now allowed to go back to their families. Governor Tong advised the inmates that, “You have been put in prison for crimes you committed not because you were bad people since prison is the correctional and reformatory center and now you are now being released to your families,” Deng said.

He added that the governor also took the opportunity to inform the inmates and general public that UNDP with other strategic partners are soon going to launch projects which aim to employ youth including those in prisons to eradicate unemployment which is contributing to increased crimes committed by young people.

He revealed that the project will help young people to invest for their future and it will also keep them busy and away from committing crimes.

Meanwhile, the president of state High Court Abraham Majur expressed his gratitude to governor Tong Akeen Ngor for his commitment, dedication and determination to the state affairs.

“Finally, the release of inmates reflects hard work by the state governor for releasing inmates back to their families. I assure all the inmates not to do any mistakes that may take them back to prison,” Majur said.

Aweil Central Prison was built in the 1970s to accommodate 150 prisoners but currently more than 500 inmates are accommodated in the facility.

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