Eight dead in Uganda Rhino camp

By Atimaku Joan

At least eight people have lost their lives in a fracas in Uganda Rhino camp refugee settlement last weekend.

The fight escalated between families of the host community and one of the refugee community after a neighbor of the host family reported that their child was being beaten.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, a resident in the camp who wanted to remain anonymous said the fight began in a garden as one boy from the host family allowed a cow to enter the garden of a refugee.

 “One neighbor reported to the family of the host community that their son is beaten to death and they also decided to beat the boy from the refugee community,” said the resident.

She stated that every time the case seems quite manageable the families could attack each other when the other one is not prepared.

She added that the issue has made some of the refugees to flee their homes.

According to the anonymous source, the police of Ma’di Okollo intervened and now things seem so calm after they happened to arrest thirteen suspects.

According to CGTN Africa news, police authorities in Arua district, Uganda said that the cause of the fight was misunderstanding between the host community and the South Sudanese refugee in the camp.

Currently, the police said that the situation is calm and people were doing their normal activities in the camp.

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