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Egypt’s projects not fully implemented -Ambassador

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The outgoing Egyptian Ambassador Ayman Mokhtar Elgammal has regretted that he is leaving the country while some of the development projects signed between Egypt and South Sudan are yet to be implemented.

He said the implementation process of these projects was interrupted by the outbreak of the conflict that resulted into rampant insecurity.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Ambassador Elgammal, said amongst the projects that have been interrupted was the fishery and agriculture that would have generated income for the government of South Sudan.

“The projects especially fishery project would have produced 500,000 tonnes of fish and this would have created an income of twenty million South Sudanese (SSP), which to me would have benefited the communities,” Ambassador Elgammal lamented.

The Ambassador Elgammal said that the insecurity has   failed the implementation of other projects like land allocation where he wanted to meet the community leaders to explain to them the importance of these projects.

“Projects that needed land failed because land was not allocated for them by the local community. I even suggested going and sitting down with the local community and give them more information about the projects, that these projects are of great benefits to them,” the Egyptian diplomat added.

He said these projects are not meant for investment, adding that these projects would have generated 500 metric tonnes every year and generate a lot of income that would have been used to replicate these projects all over South Sudan for the benefit of the local communities.

Ambassador Elgammal said though he regretted the failure of the projects, he was happy  that other projects such as the building of River ports in Wau, Bor and currently the one being constructed in Kuajok to ease trade and movement  are amongst the success stories of Egyptian projects in the Republic of South Sudan.

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