Egyptian President promises to train S. Sudan journalists

By Nema Juma

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has directed the Ministry of Information to annually train journalists from South Sudan to strengthen bilateral relation between the two countries.

The training will help prevent the spread of rumors, fake news, misinformation and disinformation especially in the current age of social media and emergence of many informal news sources.

Speaking at the conclusion of the training which was organized by the African Media Training center for the state Ministry of information in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign affairs, the state Minister of information Osama Haikal said that the training aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries and end the spread of false information.

“This training will help Journalists to stop the spread of rumors and false information. The course will also help journalists to sort information well and how to verify its accuracy to prevent the impact of rumors on to the relationship of the two countries,” Osama said.

The Egyptian state Minister of information revealed that he will soon contact Michael Makuei, the Minister of information to coordinate the annual training in Cairo and renew Egypt’s effort to strengthen media ties with the country.

Meanwhile, the representative from the South Sudan Embassy who is also the advisor on the culture and education, Michael Matiang expressed his gratitude to the government of Arab Republic of Egypt for this initiative and assured to strengthen the relationship between two countries.

However, the representative of the trainees Ghandhi Issa, appreciated everyone who contributed to the success of the course during this pandemic.

“From this course, we gained skills in different media fields by qualified lecturers. The course was not limited to lectures but also entertainment like visiting Pyramids, museums and the new administrative capital and other government facilities.

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