Egyptian diplomat urges media to correct the country’s image

By James Atem Kuir

Egyptian Ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan, Dr. Mohamed Mansur is urging the country’s media houses and journalists to work to “correct South Sudan image” that has suffered bad reputation during the years of civil war.

A country image may refer to beliefs, ideas and impressions about a certain country. It can include the country’s level of economic and political development, historical events and relationships, traditions, level of industrialization and of technological development according to an article published by Ecoforum in 2015.

International observers have often criticized the country’s leaders for not doing enough to combat corruption and human rights abuses and other vices, and the country has always ranked low on international rankings.

The government has always dismissed such claims.

However, Ambassador Mansur stressed that the country’s media professionals should work hard to correct the bad impression the country has earned during the years of civil war.

“South Sudanese journalists and media houses need to give special focus on ideas and challenges of nation building, like correcting the image of South Sudan,” he said during a tea breakfast with South Sudanese journalists’ team who just returned after a month long training in Egypt, at his residence in Juba.

“You need to tell the international community that the civil war has ended and that South Sudan is now (at peace) and does not have civil war anymore,” he stated.

Ambassador Mansur challenged the South Sudan media community to commit to addressing the bad reputation by putting positive media contents and focus on issues of nation building and social cohesion.

“It does have some violence here and there, it does have some problems but in the end you have to be very objective so, correcting the image of South Sudan is a big challenge that all South Sudanese and media specialists should address,” he urged.

“It is very important for South Sudanese society to have a notion of nation building. You need to focus on what really unites South Sudanese together not what drives them apart. In general, work more and I think this is a big and important, to work on what unites South Sudanese and help consolidate the notion of all South Sudanese as a nation,” he further said.

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