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Egyptian aid cargo flights to Juba rescheduled

The first Egyptian cargo planes expected to arrive to Juba yesterday has been delayed due to some logistical issues, an official in the Egyptian embassy has told Juba Monitor.

Mahmoud Ahmed said the cargo that was supposed to bring humanitarian assistance to South Sudan did not make it due to logistics, “the cargo is expected either this week or next week after sorting out with all the logistics”.

The plane is expected via Saudi Arabia; Djibouti, Ethiopia and finally to South Sudan as its last destination, According to Ahmed.

Last week the Egyptian Embassy said 20 cargo planes were starting to transport food and non-food items into the country and two cargo planes were scheduled to land in Juba each day.

In March, the Egyptian government donated some food and non-food items to South Sudan military. The items included medical equipment.

By Morris Dogga

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