Egypt to conduct trade fair exhibition in S. Sudan

By Elia Joseph Loful

A political and Economic Affairs at Egyptian Embassy in South Sudan Mohamed Elbadry revealed that the Egyptian government will conduct a trade-fair exhibition next year in March to showcase goods most needed in South Sudan.

Speaking to the media in Juba yesterday, Elbadry said Egyptian businesspersons will be in the country to make trade exchange with South Sudanese traders and find ways of establishing investment programs.

“The exhibition will likely take place on 15 of March, we want to bring items most suitable for South Sudanese market and we will also bring along with Egyptian businessmen to discuss with the government and South Sudanese businessmen to seek ways for investment opportunities,” Diplomat Elbadry said.

He emphasized that South Sudan should be prepared to give in exchange for the trade fair some products or commercial items to the Egyptian businesspersons.

“When bringing the items, the containers may go empty, so we are also looking at what can we take from the South Sudanese market,” he stressed.

The Diplomat said the trade-fair will focus on economic discussion as well as tackling investment opportunities in the country.

Losidik Lukak Legge, the Chairperson of National Chamber of Commerce said they wanted to tighten bilateral relations between Egypt and South Sudan saying the Chamber has given an assurance to Egypt to conduct exhibition in the country.

“We want to strengthen relationship between the two countries Egypt and South Sudan, today the Embassy told us that they want to hold trade exhibition in South Sudan, so we have given approval that they should go ahead with the program,”Lukak said.

Lukak said the National Chamber of Commerce is ready to cooperate with the Egyptian government, the businesspersons and committed to work tighter.

Egypt has been having close bilateral relations with South Sudan since 2011. The Country has been also supporting South Sudan particularly in the area of medicine as well as offering scholarships to South Sudanese students.

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