Egypt donates 37 tons of medical equipment, relief items

By Lodu William Odiya

Egypthas donated 37 metric tons of medical supplies and other non-food relief items to be given to people affected by floods across the country.

The floods which have affected about million people according to the latest UN reports last year, have ruined livelihoods, displaced thousands and heightened food insecurity.

COVID-19 and ongoing subnational conflict have further compounded this dire humanitarian situation.

Speaking to media yesterday at the donation ceremony held at Juba International Airport, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Peter Mayen Majongdit said that the non-food items and the medical equipment would help the people whose areas are affected by the flood.

“Today we have received humanitarian donation which are non-food items and basically we have received blankets, mattresses, we have also received other medical equipment,” said Majongdit.

Majongdit said the medical equipment would help those who are in need, especially those cut off floods in remote areas.

The minister appreciated the Egyptian government for the donations and stressed that the gesture further strengthened bilateral relations of the two countries.

“Our relationship will continue to improve. We have a long story and can never be deleted and nothing can separate this historical relationship and some time you wonder whether we are Egyptians or Sudanese,” saidMayen Majongdit.

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