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Egypt agrees to export food to South Sudan

Deputy Chairman of Chamber of Commerce: LaduLukak (in dark eyeglasses)


By Sworo Charles Elisha

The South Sudan Chamber of Commerce has reached a deal with its Egyptian counterpart, an agreement that will soon allow the latter to start exporting food items and vehicles to South Sudan.

Speaking to journalists after the arrival of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his delegation, the Deputy Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, LaduLukak said they have invited the Egyptian Business Community to visit South Sudan after next month.

“We agreed with some foreign and local traders there on the issue of food items and building materials. They also have some companies that can refine petroleum and some companies that handle vehicles especially Honda which deals in vehicles for sale,” he said.

He said the two-day trip to Egypt was successful because the meetings with the business community of Egypt went on very well.

“We as the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture for South Sudan, we discussed with them thoroughly and probably at the end of this month we will invite them to visit us because there were concerns of insecurity in South Sudan but we told them that the security situation has improved so they should come and see it with their own eyes because our security is 100% safe,” Lukak said.

“When they come here, they will confirm to us exactly what other things they will do but on the side of food items we agreed that foodstuffs should be exported to South Sudan,” he added.

On his part, the Minister in the Office of the President Hon. MayiikAyii Deng said President Salva Kiir Mayardit mainly went to thank President Al Fatah Al Sisi for Egypt’s stand against the arms embargo and last year’s sanctions advanced by the United States Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power due to continuous fighting in the country.

President Salva Mayardit went to Egypt on Monday to discuss bilateral issues with his Egyptian counterpart President Al Fatah Al Sisi.




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