Efira of Otuho Maya kingdom celebrated new king

By Emelda Siama John

The historical Efira of Otuho Maya kingdom was celebrated in Hoding last Sunday of last month.

Monyomiji exchanged powers after 22 years from old generation to the new generation including all the 18 villages of Maya kingdom.

The king of Maya kingdom David Oyalala said that the Efira was handed to him by his mother the queen ofIjura to take over the ceremony which was done by the inter-villages, last year that was taken out by 18 villages and the power handed officially to the new generation to take over.

He revealed that the old generation could be replaced by new generation after 22 years, two years would be expended in power experience transparent to know whether the new generation could be capable of taking powers,” king said.

He stated that the new generation could be characterized by certain logics to see what was wrong in the villages, to take care of their cattle, take care of the kingdom and in case something happened they could protect themselves. 

However the elder Peter Oliha said that the Efira was the exchange of power from old generation to the new generation, “they will stay in power for 22years and after that they will give it also to the next generation”.

“He said during the time of their regime whensomething bad happened they were the one to run after it, and also when the enemy came in the village they were responsible because they had the powers until the handing over to the next generation,” he said.

He revealed that the there were 18 villages under the kingship of Maya kingdom David Oyalala including, Ohiri, Oronyo, Onyelet, Oraju, Mura Hatiha, Hiyala, Chalamini, Oming, Oberia, Iloli, Abalua, HumaTorit, Ibalany, Hidonye, Tuhuback, Ilewe, NyongHatita, the palaces of the Otuho kingdom of Maya is in Hiyala villages,

“ We have handed over to the new generation they should take care of it very well like the way we took care during the time of our regime, to all the Monyomiji or people in power if there’s someone in need you should help, you should not fight with people and those who are working in government should do their work with one heart. You who are Educated, if you have something please help one another, stay in peace   and bring peace in the country,” he added.

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