Efficient coordination on food security and agricultural development

Press Release

On behalf of the German government, German Development Cooperation (GIZ) is hosting a partner workshop on Food Security and Agricultural Development at the Local Government Board in South Sudan’s Capital town Juba. The workshop brings together GIZ`s implementing partners in the sector of food security and agricultural development to share experiences, good practices, achievements and challenges. According to WFP an estimated 5.3 million people, 48 percent of the population, are currently facing crisis or worse acute food insecurity, despite the harvest and continued, large-scale assistance. The workshop aims at identifying bottlenecks and solutions to overcome obstacles of efficient service-delivery to the population in remote areas, especially smallholders, pregnant and lactating women and children.

The German Government funded Programme on Food Security and Agricultural Development (FSAD) is a multi-year project funded with 12.5 Million Euro until the end of 2019.  Following the Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Approach (LRRD), by which short-term measures of transitional aid can complement and/or be replaced by more reconstructive and development oriented measures, the projects targets 40,000 households.  The GIZ is supported in the implementation by six dedicated international NGOs, namely World Vision International, Welthungerhilfe, Solidarités International & Alliance for International Medical Action, Première Urgence Internationale, Action against Hunger and ACTED, which are active in various parts of the country.

Alexandra Guhr, Head of Development Cooperation in the German Embassy says: “Since the outbreak of the conflict, the German funded programmes have generally sought to improve food security and secure livelihoods of the population, with particular view to assisting the most vulnerable groups, such as women and children, IDPs, host communities and refugees.”


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