Editorial 26th June 2018

A number of countries have made a mark by contribution of development activities in the country. One of these is the Chinese government which has made a tremendous move in development activities. In almost all sectors of developments from construction to healthcare services and above all imparting knowledge in new technologies by sending for training a number of the locals in both public and private institutions to further  their knowledge. This is a good gesture from or by a friend who is concerned about the well-being of all inclusive. Unlike a number of other diplomatic mission, the Chinese embassy can only be noted publicly when it is producing something positive for the country. It would make noticeable change if others joined hand to help towards the development activities in the country. Not that others are not helping, but true, the country need friendly players and one of them is the Beijing government. It would be appreciated if it could help by embarking in agricultural production to ease the continued food scarcity which is being experienced time and again. With peace expected to gain ground sooner than later, a number of development projects which had been stalled or suspended need to be revamped and ready for future use. This can only be achieved if all friendly countries gave a hand in injecting support in their lives. At the moment all attentions are focused in the restoration of peace and almost everyone is playing a role. But it is also important to note that at the end of the day there must be food on the table, shelter for the families, health for all and education for children who are the future of a country among other needs. These are basic facts which cannot be ignored at whatever cost. Therefore, peace should be restored so that friendly countries throughout the world can lend a hand in developing this nation. A number have indicated their willingness.



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