Effective communication is the key to management of an institution. There are areas that Juba City Council (JCC) has done well and others bad. The recent bad one was almost causing some young indigenous almost 300 their new jobs, which was yet to take off the ground. This was due to one hand not effectively communicating with the other hand. Although it has been found out that Capita Holding, a firm which has been legalized to carry out parking services in the city, properly and adequately signed all documents with relevant bodies before embarking on public education and approach to jump-start their operations which is to help to Orderly Park the vehicles in the capital city. Juba must be seen to be in the rank of competition with other cities of the world where order and laws are maintained in all aspects of life. Since this is a new venture and type of investment brought in the country, there should be less doubt if any, particularly for the licensing authorities like City Hall which can create doubts it the minds of the public. The Inspector General of Police and other relevant authorities have given Capita clean bill of health. The mistake which might have occurred within JCC should be treated as a bygone case and a new chapter opened for the good of all. Since peace is important, investors like Capita will be coming in to help create employment opportunities to the youth and help in boosting the much needed economy in the country. This is one of the sure way to success. Let us not live in the past but embrace development in all forms to move the country forward. The left hand should not deny the right one the knowledge of what it is doing or carrying. Collective responsibilities are a must where success is expected. Let us give investment a chance and stop playing politics with such ventures.

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