Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Journalists and media fraternities have once again been robbed of a distinguished professional who was and will remain in our memories for a long time to come. True this is a journey all of us are bound to take, but at times it comes like a thunderbolt. It is just a year when the profession lost one of its icon and the father of journalism in the country, the late Alfred Taban Logune. Before the media takes a breather to come to terms with Alfred’s death, now Edward Terso Lado is no more. Shocking as it is the media remain dumb-founded and could not immediately come to term with Edward’s demise. Juba Monitor’s newsroom stood still when the Editor In Chief announced the sad news to Edward’s colleagues on Friday afternoon. Together with Anna Nimiriano, the Editor In Chief, Nichola Mandill had sent a condolence messages, which prompted the truth to be found out he was condoling a friend and a colleague they had just talked with at about 10.00am that day. Surely, death is a robber, but Edward must have taken it with grace that strong and principled men like him would wish to be. Later that day, Oliver Modi the Chairperson of Union Journalists of South Sudan where Edward was the General Secretary, sent a condolence message, which confirmed that Edward was no more. I do not want to say more about the late Edward. But still vividly remember the ten agonizing months that I faced sometimes in the cause of my professional duties. Edward, the late Alfred and Oliver stood by my side all this time until the matter was stood over. These are some of the friends who really played major role in the development of the media industry in the country and were ready to guide and mentor the up-coming journalists. Great men will be remembered for they did and stood for. Indeed I was at one point or another privileged to discuss with Edward and Oliver a number of issues pertaining to the media development in the country. Not once, but many times they hosted or invited some brains in and outside the country in the line of development. I remember one time we met and held a series of discussions with the then long serving Editor In Chief of the Nation Media Group, Wangethi Mwangi who was accompanied with a senior lecturer at the Nairobi University School of Journalism, Dr. George Nyabuga. They were in Juba at the invitation of UJOSS. These are some of the indications on how UJOSS and other key players in the media industry had walked the long path to reach this far. If there was something that could have been given out to save life, then we could have done so to Edward, but this is a journey that only an individual does not know but only controlled by God. Our friend and colleague rest in peace.

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