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Education supervisor appeals for welfare of teachers

By Fatuma Asha Ali

The Education Supervisor of Yei County Central Equatoria State yesterday appealed for the welfare of teachers in Yei.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Mr. Buni Julius Millah, the Payam Education Supervisor for Yei County said that, the Ministry of Education should improve the welfare of teachers and salaries should be increased and paid regularly to meet the actual economic situations in the country to boost teacher’s moral in teaching.

“If they don’t look into teachers’ welfare in some time to come, nobody would want to be a teacher and there would be no teachers in the country. If salaries would be attractive, there would be many teachers here in Yei.” Millah noted

“Teachers are quitting the profession to look for other jobs because there is no motivation, they are not well paid and it is now very hard to get teachers here in Yei.” She added

She stated that most of the schools are now recruiting students who completed Senior Four and after recruitment, they (students) just work for two to three months and then quit to other jobs.

“The situation on the ground is not really goodbecause you find in other schools, teachers are being changed almost every month and it is also very hard to get teachersalmost all the schools are advertising for teachers and in other schools, there is no one even applying for the position.” Millah stresses

He said that without teachers, it is very hard because teachers help in giving knowledge and it is going to affect the performance of students and the recruitment of   the Senior Four Students as teachers some of them did not come to teach but rather to get something and quit thus it lowers the standard of education.

“In the government schools, it is worst because teachers are not paid, it is now six months and we are not paid and the salary they pay us is too little to carter for our needs in the current market.” Millah concluded

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