Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I had some talks with stakeholders in the education sector who felt that there was an alarming shortage of learning materials for students in schools. The topic became interesting because here we were talking about the future or our own children and how the standard of education could be harmonized to meet the required needs. One of them told me that throughout the country students’ interests in learning were declining due to inadequate required tools while the teachers among other stakeholders were being blamed for the deterioration in learning as they had not been resourceful. The students have poor literacy level, insufficient knowledge of real life example and also how learning applies in today’s world which was not a good experience for our students while on the other side teachers were trying for cheapest learning tools which they had not responded to the continual demand for these learning materials. I found myself wanting to understand more and where the actual problem could be one of their takes which obviously was the fact that the past crisis had made it impossible to put firm foundation not only for education, but other important sectors of the country’s development. These stakeholders were contributing their concern which could help improve the education institutions. Time and again, we have talked much on the improvement of the sector with the prominent aim of making it a formidable force to reckon with in shaping the upright-upbringing of the future generation. Education is compulsory and cannot be compromised. The world is taking new dimension towards changing education where developed countries are using the latest technology and the developing one adapting the changes. With peace in store, this country should direct its attention in improving education and adapt the scenes in the changing world. Proper budget allocation and new methods should be put in place to enable the country invest fully in the education sector. Both states and national governments should take it and make it a priority to sketch the growth in education. There should be proper preparation of well qualified and trained manpower to face the future development and the building of infrastructures by the elite who are being prepared now. Above all as a country, we must be prepared to invest heavily in the education sector and ensure there were technical training institutions that would produce middle class trained personnel for the task ahead. The government is already house-holding some youths in technical trainings to prepare them of absorption or creating their own businesses in the small scale level in self-sustaining efforts and means to develop the country. I therefore take the concern of those in the education who are eager to have the sector grow and to be able to profit all now that the authorities have come out with a clear employment policy in all sectors that are required to have 80 percent local employees in their organizations.

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