Education is the key says Super Boy Emy Raj

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Some youth in the country have not taken education seriously but singer Super Boy Emy Raj through his song Education is the key is using music to motivate the youth to enroll in school.

After observing that many young people are on the streets looking for quick money to make in many ways such as selling petroleum put pen to paper and the song education is the key to life.

Produced by Linus De Genius, Education is the Key is one song that will put sense in the mind of any youth in the country that does not see its importance.

Lyrically, the song points out the benefits of education like being a doctor, Nurse, Journalist and pilot and the song adds that it is difficult to achieve the above careers if one is not educated.

Motivated by some young boys and girls who are doing all kind of jobs to get to schools, Emy believes that every South Sudanese child should be given the opportunity to study.

“Education is the key throws light in the eyes of whoever do not realize the greatness of going to school, I also made it clear that for one to be a doctor or Nurse, one must go to school,” said Emy.

Education is the key video clearly illustrates why one should enroll to school and study hard.

Emy runs a small clothing business in downtown customs where he gets money to pay his school fees and pay for studio fees.

Emy Raj started doing music in 2016 and is famous for songs like party, mood, tonight and street kids. His songs are majorly about the day today lives of youth.


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