When the country became independent in 2011, an assessment was done and the illiteracy rate was found at the climax. As a result, a fierce war was waged against illiteracy and it went well for the course of two years. In the third year, it was as if the primary and secondary teachers had agreed somewhere to encapsulate business in education. From 2014 to date, both Primary eight and senior four examinations have been stored in unlocked containers where every candidate can scoop as many papers as those that he/she is sitting for. This immediately comes in to the attention of the authorities concerned and it looks like they hear it through one ear and out of the other. This can be evidenced by the fact that the primary eight exams ongoing now have been cheated as papers fly on social media before the commencement of the exams was announced. Does this give meaning to the fight for literacy? It does not give meaning, and as it doesn’t, minds are to be cooked to make sure the educational system is corrected. The whole nation is not really sure whether or not the authorities concerned with education are truly fighting exam malpractices as they seem to be dormant in doing so. It isn’t hard to curb malpractices, only that the concerned authorities have lost faith in education as their children are studying abroad. One evidence of malpractices is the irregularity of the numbers of the candidates sitting for the primary eight leaving certificates exams as other states have gone muted about announcing the numbers of candidates. To maim the nation completely, enfeeble the educational system so that the country produces scholars who look educated when far, but totally uneducated when sat with to share views. This is true when one looks at the performances of some of the university students, there is no way a student who scored 90 percent gets repeated in the first year when nearly all the courses are what they covered in the secondary level.If this is the way illiteracy is to be fought, then the country is cheating herself. Truthfully, education is the vaccine for corruption as it teaches about the consequences of how corruption jeopardizes the nation. Until the educational system is corrected can eu-scholars be produced unlike the pseudo-scholars being produced now.

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