Education is better than marriage, says 17 year-old mother

Mother attends classes in Yambio together with her baby in Yabonogo Accelerating Learning Program (Photo by Gaaniko Samson Jerry)

By Gaaniko Samson

I have now realized that education is very important than marriage, says Marcy Stella, a mother of one year old baby.

Stella is one out of many young girls who have returned to school in Yambio after dropping out due early marriage.

Attending classes with her one year-old baby across her harms, Stella blames herself for turning deaf ears to the wise advice of her parents.

“What made me to get pregnant at early age was because I did not listen to the advice of my parents. I thought they hate me,” she said.

Stella got married while she was in primary six.

“After spending a year at home, my husband decided to send me back to school,” she says, adding that she now attends evening classes.

A 17 years-old Immanuel Baptist, says she dropped out of school due to early marriage

Baptist got pregnant at the age of 16 years-old.

They one year stay at home had been very challenging. It was very painful whenever I see my friends going to school,” she said.

Considering how bright she was at the school, Batptist says one day she sat down and made her mind to go back to school.

“I asked myself what I was doing at home instead of going back to school,” she recalls.

For Fozi James, student from Alliance High school she got pregnant at the time she was living with her step mother.

“My step mother used to abuse me in front of her friends and this made me to lose hope in studies,” she said.

“After I was pregnant my husband left for Juba and since then he had not returned to Yambio,” Ms James says.  “It is my mother who is supporting me and my one year old baby,” she added.

She continued that she returned to school in order to acquire knowledge that would make her self-reliant in future.

Moses Samuel, a teacher from Accelerating Learning Program (ALP) said the Centre was established those who had dropped out of school.

He added that they were aware of the challenges facing the learners, saying they often don’t attend classes regularly due to home duties.

The ALP Centre in Yambio is being funded by Windle Trust International

Bage Jonathan, the team leader of Windle Trust International in Yambio said there were a lot of girls who have come back to school this year.

He says the Windle Trust was helping the female learners through GESS program by providing them with school fees, sanitary pads and among others school basic needs

“For a school to get support from the organization the administration must sit down with the school management committee to table their needs so that when the capitation grand comes they can be supported,” Jonathan explains.

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