A foot for thought

Education has no age limit

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The saying that education is key, light and success in everybody’s life is true. Otherwise you cannot imagine a woman of fifty yearsto be in the class with students of the ages of her childrenbecause she knows the importance of educationat her age.

By definition there is no age for education, many people study in their old age and become successful in life. They had opportunity of holding big positions in government. If we make research, we can find that many parents studied together with their children, in the same schools or different ones.

Beginningfrom primary, secondary and University levels. It is only that some people feel ashamed to sit together in the class with their children. MikelinaJohn Taban, a mother to 20 children proved it to the rest ofthe mothers that she can do it. We need to encourage her and other mothers who have the ability to study at their old age.

Not only women but men also can study too in their old age. I know it is not easy to study and handle the responsibility of children in the family. Everything needs good plan and understanding with partners will make is a success. Women need to stand in solidarity to learn regardless of age.

The idea of saying I am old let me leave learning to my children cannot help us. If a woman is educated, she will manage her family very well and support her husband. She will be a true partner to her husband and the entire family.

However, the Ministry of Education should support women and men who are ready to learn at old age. The only thing is that they should be sound in mind. You could be young but not sound in mind to reason well in the class. Mikelina has shown a good example and a positive step for others to follow.

During the wars, women who ran to the neighboring countries with families as refugees got the opportunity to study; many of them reached the level of University and got better employment with organizations and government institutions.

A number of people may ask if you study in old age how are you going to benefit with the knowledge that is not a big deal. The most important is to be educated, know how to read, write and support yourself.

It started sometimes back and Mikelina proved it now during this critical time, where mothers are crying on how to pay school fees of their children.

May God bless us all.

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