The recent funds allocated for education are enough to put a smile on the face of education if it were not the reason that they were misused. 10 million South Sudanese Pounds is a good amount of money that I swear by God that other states have never gotten it before, and thus, it was more than a joy to receive it for availing the most needed scholastic items in schools of South Sudan. But the national ministry of education went muted on the day of distributing it to the respective states and three administrative areas until the Western Equatoria state alerted the public of what was going on. From that point jumped in the national ministry of education to condemn how the money was wrongly distributed and directed other governors to distribute it appropriately, warning that any governor found misusing that money should face what is faced by a person who embezzles public funds. Teachers have been on strike since last year because of lack of payment and allowances promised to be availed but the state governments gave them deaf ears, proving it with the misappropriation of these huge funds released by the national government through the ministry of education. This is an abuse of the faith the citizens have in education and will increase in dimension if the concerned authorities are not taught a lesson to vomit this money out of their stomachs. By doing so, other leaders who may get chances to lead next time may not repeat it as it is consequential. Should it be concluded that leaders have no faith in education because their children are schooling overseas where education is valued more than other things? For states and the national government, the corrupt individuals who have embezzled the education funds must be brought to book to teach the candidates of corruption an unforgettable lesson. The deteriorating educational system countrywide should not have its face slapped so hard like this as if leaders are working for the dead, and not for the living.

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