Educate youths not to be Vulnerable

By Akol Arop Akol

Educate the youths to know their cultures and to socially get connected to modern World and its new technology which would allow them to know their strengths, commercially develop their talents and improve their lives.

Without education you cannot transform a generation or nation in general. I always talk about the youths because I know that when they are transformed, they will be active members of their generation who can build a nation and promote peace among the people. Take for example when children go to school they see themselves as of one society.  And that society is literate society where everyone is valuable, wherever one is considered and when we talk about the education it’s not only going to school and sit in class.  I want people to know education is not only found in class,  it should be seen in character, must be seen in the  the way people live and the way people talk. Education means a lot and to understand education and acquire knowledge you must learn from everything that comes across your way. We don’t all get knowledge in the school we, don’t only get knowledge from professors or teachers everyone an education must be from anyone.

Some of our leaders have  decided to remain without further studies,  some of them completed high, vocational trainings, they started political career or leadership so such people are not good in decision-making  because they have little understanding or little knowledge about people and things around them.  A good leader should have enough information about culture,  historical events, politics, culture and education and other public affairs.

So, many times I ask myself how do we inspire young people, is it by giving them money to let them enjoy in hotels and restaurants, is it only by giving them food and let them remain sitting idle while telling them they future leaders or leaders of tomorrow and when is that tomorrow coming and where do they get leadership skills? 

that’s why I already talked about that say that we received your future we give them what their one way the kids then we show them the way to be strong Leaders of today and tomorrow to lead the society but if not educated now then illiteracy will destroy their dreams and kill their future.

When the youths are misused, the country is messed up, just take a tree for example if you focus on eating the fruits, time will come when the plant will grow old, all dry and there would no same spices of the same kind this is why we always tell our leaders you are like trees and young people are like young plants, if you don’t plant more   young plants then there would be no fruits to harvest in the future. 

What they will get in the future are the fruits but if you don’t and water these young plants there would be no more fruits that grow in the future, so you must empower the young people and they will build a great nation.

AlI have been spoken and explained to you the leaders of this country that youths are power and agents of development. You have been told that many young people are not in school and you don’t even know why they sit around tea places, loiter on the streets, they go to the parties and wedding, they go for cattle raiding; and they for ambush on the highway because they are jobless and starving, so that’s way of survival.

So, the question is, who could decide to be a criminal if there is no any problem?  Youths have a lot of problems. For they lack jobs, no industries or companies, and funds for business ideas. There is no one supporting their abilities and that is why they are so vulnerable. 

You would find a young person walking just like an old man of 50 years,  no chest,  no muscles, no good face, no energy, broke and no smile because they are miserable due to life in crisis. Do such youths need to be given guns again to fight for unknown reasons?  They need only education to realize their potential goals and dreams in life.

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