Sometime back this year, the government banned charcoal trade and promised to take punitive measures against those found engaged in the business. At that time the ministry in charge came out with all possible penalties to be meted out against the offenders. This went down silent. It did not take or make any effect on the traders. The business is on and one just needs to drive around Juba and its environs to see what is going on. There is no control as indigenous trees get to the ground under the axe or power saw not to be seen again. What went wrong with the national Ministry of Environment’s official order which is supposed to be superior to any other order and which is supposed to give guidelines on the management of environment in the country? Who are these traders and or are they being backed by the untouchable? And who are the untouchable in this country yet the law applies equally to everyone irrespective of status or position. The country should not be taken for a ride by daylight orders and at night an opposite order is being floated to suit a certain situation. The ministry in charge should come out and tell the country if their initial order had been rescinded and if so when. The kangaroo laws should not be applied where national issues or concerns are being handled. This kind of action has taken the development of this country back at a time when those charged should be moving it forward to prosperity. There cannot be application of two different laws on one subject. This cannot be tolerated as the collective responsibility is to move the country positively forward for the benefit of the entire members of the public. There must come a time when the appointing authority has to take drastic step to replace those who are not toeing the line as required by replacing them. That time is now

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