Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Times come when the doing of one must or should be appreciated. Time comes when the honest truth has to come out. I want to take this exceptional opportunity to thank one person who through his effort and committed teamwork has seen that peace has come back to this country. This person who should be forever, remained recognized on this particular process, cross the borders, spent sleepless nights and walked the talk to ensure order and sanity was restored in every part of this country through peaceful means. This man stands tall among others for his stewardship to this end without showing any sign of being tired. The media like any other institution has the obligation to acknowledge the good work done for public cause without the thought of being classified in a different format. They are human being who lives among their fellow human beings. They are not from a different space of life and must see what is good and bad among the society. This is where the three principles of their trade which are to educate, entertain and inform. How does one do these if one cannot appreciate or differentiate the good from bad? The man I am talking about is President Salva Kiir Mayardit. A number of people out there would not hesitate to support my take and sentiments that he has been with the people and the majority of the people have stood by him during the whole period of the conflict. We thank God who has seen it possible to bring back the situation to normal. We thank the presidency and the political leadership for their collective effort to bring this almost elusive component back home for all to enjoy. The journey to restoration has just started and the National Dialogue is expected to take the lead in reaching the common-man in the rural areas. The national dialogue is the brain child of President Kiir which initially was being doubted by some doubting Thomases. They have been proved wrong because the achievements that took the leadership this long can clearly be seen and tested by time. It is very important that the achievements should be nurtured to the maximum ends and for the benefit of all inclusive in the country. Time has come now for action and to make what has been achieved work for the people and the country. It cannot be over-emphasized but the truth is that there must be turn-about on the development activities which have remained under-privileged because of the conflict and displacement of people and resources. Time is now to contribute and do what would have been done long time ago. Time is now to support peace and engage in activities beneficial to the common-goal. Let us all join hands to move forward together for all to cherish and feel the joy of having succeeded in the way to peace restoration.

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