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ECSS Archbishop of Central Equatoria Paul Yugusuk enthroned

The Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS), Central Equatoria Internal Province, the Most Rev. Paul Pitya Yugusuk has been installed in Juba.

Formerly Bishop of Lomega, Paul Yugusuk was elected by the bishops of the dioceses of the Episcopal Church in Central Equatoria on 22nd May this year to take up the position of the Archbishop of the newly created internal Province in Central Equatoria.

The Central Equatoria internal province comprises of:  Lomega, Rejaf, Kajokeji, Yei, Lainya, Wonduruba, Rokon, Terekeka and other dioceses.

Central Equatoria is one of the eight internal provinces of the Anglican Church in South Sudan.

The enthronement ceremony took place at the ECSS Diocese of Rejaf yesterday, Sunday, 23rd July 2017, and it was presided by the ECSS Archbishop and the Anglican Primate for South Sudan, Dr. Daniel Deng Bull.

The occasion was graced by the presence of an Anglican bishop from North America, bishops from South Sudan and congratulatory messages were sent to the new Archbishop by the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem and other bishops.

Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga attended the occasion representing the Transitional Government of National Unity, and the deputy Governor of Jubek State, Mr. Francis Latiyo, represented the host government.

In his speech before the congregation, the newly enthroned Archbishop Yugusuk, said, “Today is a new beginning, and the new beginning is to proclaim Jesus Christ in the entire Greater equatoria.” He said.

“I want to declare today that all of us are evangelists, Christ must be known in Greater Equatoria, we have been entrusted to revival movement of evangelization in Central Equatoria. Our mission is to preach the word of God and not just politics”, Archbishop Yugusuk added.

He said the second mission of Central Equatoria internal province under his leadership is to equip the believers, explain that believers in Central Equatoria will share their belongings and stay united, but not divided.

Archbishop Yugusuk said the third and the last mission of the new province is to care for the people of Central Equatoria.

Archbishop Bull explained to the congregation that ECSS has been divided into eight internal provinces. “We are doing this for the word of God to come closer to the people (of South Sudan), for the evangelization to come closer to the people”, he said.

“The powers of the Archbishop who was always in Juba, some powers have been taken down to the internal Archbishop,” Dr. Bull added.

“The Anglican is doing this because we want the Church of God to be close to the people and also we want the Church of God to bring peace in the country. We want the church together with evangelization also peace mobilization.”

Vice President Dr. Wani Igga described the new Archbishop Yugusuk as “a man of God and a true nationalist.” “For you to be a good spiritual leader, you must be a nationalist, just like the early Popes in the Catholic Church, they were not just men of God, but they were also nationalists”, Dr. Wani added.

He said the Anglican Church in Central Equatoria has a potential leader is capable of moving the church forward.

Today there will be the first meeting of the House of Bishops of the internal province of Central Equatoria under the leadership of the new Archbishop, Paul Pitya Yugusuk.


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