Economy flat on its belly

By Ngor Khot Garang

I am still not convinced with what I am hearing and reading in the news that the country’s only financial institution is swimming in deep sea of bankruptcy with the country’s economy almost in shards. I was told and I am not quite sure if these are rumors or not, that the citizens were and are still pointing fingers to the August House to come out in the open with clear information on how the money has been spent because it is still that even if it is with sheer miracle or something like that, there is no way in this world where money would disappear without human hands.

Perhaps somebody with longer hands must have reached in there and swindled this money to refill his private account but above all, the poor citizens are in the waiting room to know the purpose for which this money was taken. It is true that the country’s financial institution’s work was to regulate the flow of foreign currency. But to be honest with myself and to the dismay of so many people, it has failed to go the citizens’ way. Citizens have been left to be bearing the sharp teeth of market prices when the country’s financial body is feeding few individuals.

How sad this could be, imagine, million of people with no or little paying jobs suffering from the problem caused by few people. If the citizens were to question the government to answer what led to the bankruptcy of the country only financial institution, what would they say about it or should we patiently wait for the committee recently formed to investigate the economic downfall, but I think not. We have had committees formed before to investigate the killings in Juba and other parts of the country but what they have only succeeded in is making the citizens believe that there weren’t committees formed. And this other committee is just an addition to the game of seek and hide.

There is no single time when we would line behind these people with a belief that something good will come out. The previous committees have kept citizens waiting for a very long time and many ears are still wide opened to get the findings of these committees but another sad part of it is that they are waiting results that will never come. So if the previous committees cannot meet the needs of the citizens, what hope do the people have on the committee put on track to investigate the bankruptcy of central bank? If the government truly wants this country to always put ten feet forward and maybe two backward, they have to form the civilians or ordinary citizens led committee to investigate the mishap in this country. Citizens are the ones who can come out with clear findings because when things go wrong, they are the ones to pay the price. A comfortable man with car and a good house with constant food on his table cannot and will never understand the plight of a janitor who struggles daily to out food on the table, and this is the nature of South Sudan, we cannot put the same people who know the root cause of the problem they want to solve and expect them to come out with better results. This is just a shot in the leg and the government must be extra careful this time because the collapse of the economy is the collapse of the nation.

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